About Arna

Arna Jade is the founder of IMARI Consulting and co-founder of Vivir Labs. From the age of 15, Arna knew she would one day own and run a business. Her passion and flair for all things business began during her late teens as she worked at various accounting firms. By the age of 20, she was already working in public practice accounting and being headhunted to businesses because of her reputation as a business transformation specialist.

However, being a 20-something tattooed female in a mostly male dominant industry proved to have many hurdles. She was constantly having to prove her worth and fight against perceptions that she was too young or too female for each position she achieved. With the odds against her, Arna pushed forward. She ended up consulting with various companies. She provided fresh ways to improve their operations, accounting, and management systems. Yet, the trade-off was evident. Arna worked long hours, and burnout was beginning to take its toll.

In the past 20 years, Arna didn’t just face struggles within the business world. Her personal life also took a turn. Arna’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began to divide her time between business and helping her mother through treatment. During the past couple of decades, she also had four siblings diagnosed with a rare tumor disorder.

Despite the personal battles, Arna’s innovative insight has helped many businesses grow and flourish, as well as avoid the common failure and closure within the first few years that many start-ups face. With over 20 years of international experience in consulting and senior business management, Arna uses her unique background to direct various companies and their clients toward success. She’s lived and consulted in New York and Miami, as well as worked with many international celebrities.

Arna was the winner of the 30under30 top entrepreneurs in Australia and the Influential 100 in Business in WA 2 years in a row. She is also certified in Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing. From her understanding of complex business problems to her vast experience in the international market, Arna continues to tackle any hurdle that comes her way. She defied the odds and continues to do so while finding her life-work balance to achieve constant personal growth and lasting business results.