Arna is the founder of IMARI Consulting and brings innovative business and planning processes to our clients and their companies. She heads our business activities focusing on work with entrepreneurs and business owners with a honed eye for market innovation and strategic planning. She has 20 years of international experience in consulting, and senior business management in business-to-business, consumer, and government contracting businesses.

In 2014, Arna won the 30under30 top entrepreneurs in Australia, she was the only female in WA to be awarded this prestigious honour and was also awarded the NIFNEX Influential 100 in Business in WA for two consecutive years.

Arna spent several years as Executive overseeing a multi-million dollar global technology business. In this role, Arna led a diverse international team that established profitable growth positions in new industrial and geographic markets. She developed her consumer marketing skills as a brand and business leader running several businesses in the fashion industry.

Arna is able to help clients understand challenging or complex business problems from a variety of perspectives. By combining this with her broad management experience, she is able to bring unique perspectives to difficult problems. She is a skilled listener with an ear for the central themes of start-up issues, which she combines with a facilitated and collaborative approach to help clients find the right balance between freedom and focus that drives individual productivity and lasting business results.

Although consulting for over 8 years, Arna has taken key roles in businesses of interest across industries such as pharmaceutical, data security, banking, oil & gas, technology (SaaS & app-based).

  • 2017 – 2019
    Worked with over 300 businesses restructuring their HR departments, ensuring compliance to ever-changing Fair Work Australia guidelines & awards, helping bring casualization of the workforce to the forefront. She has been an active member of VTIC supporting the Victorian and National Tourism Industry and an advocate for progressive change.
  • 2010 – 2019
    Launched a co-working space and investment hub, facilitating investment into many Australian businesses successfully. Preparation of over 1,000 pitch decks & business plans focusing on business growth through external funding.
  • 2001 – 2016
    Worked across several industries in Chief Financial Officer capacities with a focus on building solid financial plans, leveraging assets for growth & ensuring financial viability and profitability to the benefit of all interested parties.

Arna has worked with some of the worlds largest companies such as NASA, BHP, BP, Shell, TGS-Nopec, Audi, Reliance Oil & Gas and many others.